How to place an order on this site?


Our online ordering system at Zimbabwe Internet Services is secure. All your activity during the ordering process cannot be viewed or intercepted in any way.

In order to make a successful order or purchase you will need to make sure you Tick your required product and click on our purple ‘Add To Cart’. This button is situated on the bottom of every page. The button will be identical to the one below:


Once the update has been done the cart will then move to another stage. You will have to repeat the Tick and Click procedure as above for any product or service you also want to purchase from the shopping cart. Remember you will need to click 'add to cart ' for your product or service to be included in the sale.

Remember to click on our check out link (button similar to the one below), situated on the extreme right of every page just under our online system progress bars. This link will complete the ordering process and take you to a stage where you need to enter some details about your self. Please fill in all required information.


You will then be taken to our payment page. Your account or service will be set up as soon as your payment has cleared.