Email Hosting

Be different and get on the Internet bus and amplify your name, hobby or that special word or phrase!

Your chosen name could be your surname, favourite team or hobby, which you could use to knit a whole community. You would virtually own a piece of the Internet and be a small yahoo or hotmail with your own personalised email!

Fancy chocolates and roses don't stand a chance compared to presenting someone a personalised email or website which doesn't need any expert input or knowledge to control.

Imagine giving that someone special a web address such as: , which comes with unlimited email.

Zimbabwe Internet Services make it possible for individuals to have the same services such as big companies at a fraction of the cost. We offer an email hosting service which can be accessed via web mail or pop3.

Our web mail service will allow you to access your email via an internet browser similar to the services offered by yahoo, hotmail and gmail.

The pop3 option is when email can be downloaded to pop3 clients such as thunderbird, outlook express, and apple mail. It’s quick and allows you to reply and write emails offline.

Our hosted email solutions cost from only USD6 per year for a 250MB account. A 500MB inbox cost USD8 while a 1gig inbox cost USD10 per year. You can add the cost of a domain registration if you wanted a customised name with at least five email accounts. We can set you up on any of the following domains.You can replace 'x' with any name of your choosing.