Domain Registration

Internet names or web addresses are commonly known as domains. They are always distinct and can never share the same extension. Domain names map Internet traffic and create a cyber highway which functions in a similar way of how houses are named by number, then area and street. They are created by a name, which is complimented by an extension. For example using our web site, "" .The letters 'isp' is the name and '' is the extension. Both the name and extension will be commonly known as the domain name.

Zim Internet is a specialist register of the Zimbabwean domain ( and most major international domain extensions. We have registered domains for multinational companies including computer makers, airlines and banks. Registration for international domains can usually be done within minutes after receiving payment. The Zimbabwean extension can take up to a few days to be fully registered. Unfortunately this is beyond our control as the registration body (Zispa) manually processes every name. However registration has improved the past few months as Zispa have been processing the names within 24 hours. To register a Zimbabwean domain the name has to be already set up on a server. You will be expected to provide at least two Domain Name Servers (DNS) as they are required! Registration will fail if the domain is not already set up which will result in further delays with the registration! Zispa also reserve the right to charge for domain modification.

Zispa does not currently have a public whois system with names of registered domain owners. We are happy to issue a certificate as proof of ownership and will always ensure that your contact details are included so that you can also receive a confirmation email from Zispa when your name is processed.

Registration of international names is usually done electronically. We will be able to use just the information collected when you make your order from our whois system. The Zimbabwean registration requires additional information to be provided such as the name servers and their respective ip's of the server the name will be hosted from. You do not have to worry about this if we are hosting your name.

The name has to be set up on the server before we request registration. The process will involve completing their registration template and emailing it through for registration. An example of the template is found here. Please note, Zispa charges us $35 to register a name. We only apply an admin fee of $5 to complete the registration template and facilitate registration. The $5 charge also includes any customer services provided including any follow up correspondence till your name is online.

To register a name, you need to go through the whois search located at the top of every web page of this site. All prices on this site are up to date.