About Zim Internet

Welcome to Zim Internet your friendly partner on the world wide web! We have helped a multitude of people set up businesses and other successful new ventures on the Internet. Our company has been building web sites since 1998 and has been powering a lot of web sites for the past thirteen years. We do little advertising and rely on word of mouth.

Zim Internet is made up of staff who have various qualifications and experience in internet technology. We also have a culture of working with various partners across the world that make it easy to offer quality services at international standards. Our main aim is to offer services that are backed by strong ethnics where we do not believe in over charging or exploiting our fellow Zimbabweans who have problems accessing goods and services on the web.

We deliver our network and services with an easy user-friendly interference designed to give our service users power and freedom to play with the tools, which make the Internet. We do not hide behind jargon and limit your success by controlling and giving you unnecessary quotas such as bandwidth (number of visits to your web site). We give you wings and plenty of web space for your total Internet independence. We are so confident our services can easily satisfy any Internet need you might have and give you a 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Our support team is always willing to give free Internet guidance and implement any personal service you might require. We aim to provide lower prices and world-class services engineered by a team always on the eye for new technology and offering a better service. Our decision to be an online organisation is based on strategy, tact and the need to utilise the full potential of the world wide web and the Internet.

Be inspired and entrust us with your internet service requirements! Please use the information found here to contact us!